About us

A core group of skilled information security and risk assessment specialists formed KairoSols to offer high-quality security testing services at reasonable costs. KairoSols specialises in offering specialised security testing services to meet the diverse, special, and unique needs of its clients. With a cutting-edge approach to IT security, KairoSols is a global provider of integrated business information security solutions.

Who we are, why are we here?

  • We are experienced, certified, and hands-on Security Test Engineers and Security Architects.
  • We’ve been doing Application Security and Infra security for years, and for dozens of leading brands globally.
  • We know the issues with Application Security, SDLC, Mobile Applications, and Infra Security, we also know how to identify them and solve them.
  • We are experienced in both cloud-native and on-premises environments.
  • Want to speak, click here to reach one of our architects